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MailDepot is an Email Archiving and Security System. It allows storage of emails while maintaining searchability. The system also allows your business to be compliant with current archiving and security laws.
There is an increasing demand for archiving email systems due to emails being considered company assets. Emails should be kept secure so that no confidential email is sent out. Emails also need to be archived since they are now considered legal company documents.

Business Benefits

Emails are considered important company assets. MailDepot ensures that your e-mails remain secure. Irregular email patterns and large emails are monitored by the system, alerting you to make immediate action.
Manageability of you emails is maintained even after they have been archived. Archived emails can be quickly searched to be used as official documents or references. Compliance to regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley Act, J-SOX) is also supported by MailDepot.


The MailDepot system can be added to the existing email system infrastructure without disrupting operations. It can be installed either inside your current email server or in a different server.
Copies of the mails coming in and out of the mail servers are forwarded into the MailDepot server for archiving. These mails are indexed and archived into a database.