About Us

Establishment November 1984
Capital $1,000,000
Shareholder SRA Holdings
President and CEO Junji Hirata

New York Headquarters
450 7th Avenue, Suite 1409, New York, NY 10123
Tel: 212-244-8833


SRA, Software Research Associates, was established in November, 1967 in Tokyo with six associates. It is one of the oldest independent software houses in Japan. As of March 1, 2005, SRA Inc. was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2006, SRA changed company organization to establish SRA Holdings, Inc. as holding company and it was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

SRA prioritizes international conception and global approach. SRA has played an active role in software conferences oversea and affiliated with software companies all over the world including the United States, the Netherlands, UK, France, Korea, China, India and Singapore. In the United States, the first branch office was set up in Maryland in 1982, and SRA AMERICA, Inc. was established in New York in 1984.

Mr. Toru Kashima, our current leader who established SRA AMERICA in 1984 and had been for 18 years a vital part of SRA AMERICA’s growth until he accepted the position of the President of SRA, Inc. Ever since then, he has contributed to global growth of SRA Group and expanded its direct business with many clients in the industries such as brokerage, banking, chemical, electric, iron manufacture and electric power. He led to the additional success of SRA that has a long history of UNIX and Java solutions made by the two co-founders, Mr. Ryugo Marumori who made remarkable contributions to a development of software industry in Japan and Mr. Koichi Kishida who is one of the notable theorists of software engineering.

Our mission as SRA Group is to provide the best solution to day to day business operations and management of the customers through software information technologies. SRA AMERICA’s main roles have been consultation and development of our clients’ IT systems. Today’s clients require high quality of service at low cost. They are concerned about ROI in their IT systems. Our consultants, from high level planner/designer to developer, can meet this requirement through the devoted service. We are successfully accomplishing the mission with customer satisfaction.

In the past several years, SRA AMERICA has been engaged in implementing ERP for supply-chain management of manufactures and SMS (Sales Management System) for direct-sales and wholesale companies. Our expertise in database administration in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server not only supports our customers in the form of our well designed DBA service, but also helps the smooth implementations of these systems. We are moving forward with these genuine skills to create the new era in the United States.